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9 - 11 May 2025

This is mountain biking paradise!


Race Registration

Date: 08 May 2025
Time: 16:00 until 19:00
Location: Summerplace Game Reserve

Please note the following: 

    • Riders of the same team must register together
    • No late registrations will be allowed
    • If a team has not registered, they will not be allowed to start
    • Photo identification will be required (driver’s license, passport or ID book)

Pre-Race Briefing

Date: 08 May 2025
Time: 19:00
Location: Summerplace Game Reserve

Attendance is important as vital information regarding the race will be given.

Daily Race Briefing

Time: 19:00 until 20:00

Location: Summerplace Game Reserve

Daily Race Start

Time: 08:00

Daily Cut-Off Time

Time: 14:00

The cut-off time may be altered daily at the discretion of the chief commissaire.

Prize Giving

It will take place every evening (Friday, 09 May 2025 and Saturday, 10 May 2025) at 19:00

Final Prize Giving

Time: 12:30
Date: 11 May 2025


The first meal included in your package will be served Thursday, 08 May 2025 (DINNER) and your last meal will be Sunday, 11 May 2025 (LUNCH).

Daily Routine

06:00 – Rise and Shine

06:30 – Breakfast

06:30 – Secure Bike Park Opens

07:15 – Start Chute Opens

07:45 – Start Chute Closes

07:50 – Secure Bike Park Closes

08:00 – Race Starts

11:00 – First Expected Riders To Arrive

11:00 – Race Medical Facility Opens

11:00 – Secure Bike Park Opens

11:00 – Bike Wash Opens

12:00 – Lunch Starts

14:00 – Race Cut-Off (This may vary daily at the discretion of the race commissaire)

16:00 – Rider Only Chill Zone Opens

17:00 – Rider Only Chill Zone Closes

18:00 – Dinner Starts

19:00 – Prize Giving

19:00 – Dinner Finishes

20:00 – Race Medical Facility Closes

23:00 – Lights Out

Recommended Goods

A Mobile Phone

A fully charged mobile phone loaded with all emergency numbers supplied at race registration. Keep the phone switched off to preserve battery life.

Sun Block

With a minimum SPF factor of 20.

First Aid Kit

Consisting: 1 stretch bandage, 2 dressings, adhesive plasters, foil survival blanket.


A minimum of 2L of fluid to be carried by each rider.

Bike Repair Tools

Tools comprising of spare tubes, a multi tool, replacement derailleur hanger, inflation device, pump etc.


A pair of sunglasses.


3 x sets of cycling clothing (ensure you invest in some good quality cycling shorts).


Energy bars and food.

What you will need at the Race Village

Credit card or cash


Casual clothing



Flip Flops

Laundry bag

Mosquito repellent

Personal medication

Sports Massages

EPT Recovery is a professional team of highly qualified massage therapists that specializes in sports recovery. As your official partner in recovery at the Glacier Waterberg Traverse, we encourage you to step up a gear for better performance and book your recovery massage TODAY. Together with EPT Recovery, you can take your ride to the next level where you will stand firm against the effects of fatigue.

We are excited to provide you with the following services to enhance your total experience at this world-class South African event;
Please Note, only Race approved Service Providers are allowed.

We offer the following:

Massage and Stretching

  • Pre-event Massage and Stretching
  • Recovery Massage and Stretching

Strapping and Taping

  • Pre-event Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)
  • Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)

Foam rolling station

  • Foam rolling station (foam rollers and myofascial ball provided)


The Glacier Waterberg Traverse will supply a full medical service at the race village and on the route. Trained medical personnel, including a race doctor and medics, will also be on the route on quad bikes or 4×4 vehicles to handle any emergencies that may occur. More serious cases will be transferred to any of the local hospitals, where a more comprehensive service is available.

Basic medical services are for free, but recurring injuries or treatment of pre-existing chronic conditions will be charged for.

Please remember to carry the details of your medical insurance in the case of hospitalization.

Optional Extras

Supporter & Kiddies packages

Your family is welcome to join you during meals and prize giving. However, they will only be allowed to join you in the designated areas if you have booked a family pass that includes their meal tickets.

Supporter package @ R2 550.00 per person.
Kiddies package @ R1 750.00 per child.

Bike Transport

Relax and enjoy the race! Let us take care of your bicycle!
Bicycle transport from Cape Town to the Glacier Waterberg Traverse is now available.

With a unique “roll in roll out” system it is not necessary to take apart your bicycle.

To book your bike, please contact Francois Esterhuisen:
+27 82 413 8935

Bike Maintenance

Lynnwood Cyclery is the official bike technical service provider for the 2024 Glacier Waterberg Traverse. They offer a very affordable maintenance option for the duration of the race and all bookings and payments can be done directly with their team.
Nothing is more frustrating than a bike that misbehaves so maintenance needs to be worked into your daily routine.

To book your bike maintenance package, please contact Lynnwood Cyclery:

Gert –
David –

Car Rental

Unleash Your Waterberg Traverse Adventure with Avis!

Avis brings Dryland members exclusive discounts on car rentals, making your journey even more enticing.

Follow the LINK to book your car rental with Avis.

Race Rules

Cancellations & Refunds

Should the participant cancel his/her entry/subscription, the follow refunds shall apply:

In the event of cancellation by or on behalf of the participant due to his/her death or hospitalization, no cancellation fee will be levied.
Refunds up to 09 December 2024: 90% of entry fee.
Refunds between 10 December 2024 to 09 March 2025: 50% of entry fee.
Refunds between 10 March to 09 April 2025: 20% of entry fee.
No refunds after 09 April 2025.

Substitutions may be made (only until 17 April 2025) at a substitution fee of R 400-00 per rider transferred.

Entries cannot be carried over to the following year or any other future events.

Please note that only fully paid entries received by 9 March 2025 will receive the complimentary event apparel.

Download the Race Rules
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